Maluti-A-Phofung continues to bring services to the people.

On 9th February 2016 Maluti-A-Phofung, under the leadership of Executive Mayor Cllr Vusimusi Tshabalala, Members of Mayoral Committee, Ward Councillors of the respective areas, engineers from Cuba Mr Joseph Scull and Me Maria Virgin Maren embarked on a service delivery roadshow in Lusaka Village and Monontsha Village in Qwaqwa in the Free State.

The fundamental purpose of embarking on mayoral service delivery roadshow was to assess the progress and monitor on going projects to ensure that residents are provided with basic services to satisfy their needs as stated in the South African Constitution. Most importantly it was for the municipality to improve and expand the delivery of services, to those considered to be far from points of service.
Some the of the projects which were visited include sewer reticulation and a community hall which is still under construction in Lusaka and visited a site where a community hall in Monontsha village next to shopping complex.

As part of revenue collection strategy Executive Mayor advocated residents to pay services and not to temper with electricity indicating the importance of adhering to paying services in order to receive services efficiently.

Furthermore a community meeting was held at Monontsha village to advance the communication between the municipality and its residents.

At the meeting food parcels, blankets and school shoes were distributed to less privileged households. A resident by the name of Motolo Mamotolo expressed her gratitude by stating "kea leboha ntate majoro ka seo masepala o re etsetsang sona, kea leboha ho menahane".

In closing Tshabalala visited the household of the Mr and Mrs Koko a young married couple ventured into agriculture.

"Ke rata batjha ba sebetsang ka thata ba emeng ka maoto", said Vusimusi Tshabalala. Tshabalala continues to encourage households to start garden veggies not only as part of feeding their families but also as part of greening for the environment.