Media statement

  • Media statement


    It has been alleged that the Executive Mayor Cllr Tshabalala Vusimusi of Maluti a Phofung Local Municipality has caused for municipal fleet to be confiscated etc.

    It is the responsibility of the Municipality to provide clarity to any allegations made against its Principals and employees or the organization itself.

    Here it is: The Municipality through Supply Chain Management processes appointed Company A to supply yellow fleet for the municipality. Indeed Company A supplied fleet of 2 Excavators and 1 Padfoot roller. In turn of events it appears that Company A got the earth moving equipment from Company B as an arrangement made outside municipality.
    It was discovered that Company B is the actual owner of the equipment and due to non payment from Company A, Company B then instituted legal actions to reposes the said equipment. In the lodged court order, the municipality handed over the said equipment to Company B.

    The municipality is pursuing legal actions against Company A. The Executive Mayor is not involved in any Supply Chain Management Processes. With this clarity provided, the municipality urges communities not to utilize media and public platforms to fight either political or personal or any form of vendettas against the Executive Mayor but to rather open cases at SAPS, Public Protector, Presidential Hotline or any legitimate platform than to place the name of the Executive Mayor in disrepute over false accusations and allegations. The municipality strongly stands together with the community to fight corruption.

    Statement by Media and Communications Department of Maluti a Phofung Local Municipality